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Selling WordPress Plugin Partnership

Have a Great Idea to Sell Plugins But Cannot Code?

Do you have a great idea about making a WordPress plugin that may be sold but you cannot code? Don’t worry, miunosoft offers a great way to corporate with you. We can sell plugins together! You provide the idea and the programmer of miunosoft will take care of the task of coding.

Fair Trade, No Risk!

Consult us about what kind of plugin you want to create and then we’ll tell you how much budget and time are required. If you think it’s reasonable, you pay the budget for the start up. Then we can start the project. After the plugin gets released and starts getting sold, you’ll directly receive the payments until it reaches the amount you have funded, meaning you get the money back! After that, we start sharing the profits. We’d offer fair business: 45% for you, 45% for the developer, and 10% for the necessary expenses. So basically, there is no risk! Not bad, huh?

WordPress Plugin or Theme Customization

Apart from the above partnership, we accept paid jobs for WordPress plugin / theme customization as well.


Windows Applications

  • simple automation programs for task management.


  • Japanese To English
  • English To Japanese

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