Change Log

The current version of the program, Quick Pop Menu is: 1.2.7

Version History

2012/02/05 version 1.2.7

  • Fixed:
    • a bug that update checks no longer functional since v1.2.6.

2012/02/04 version 1.2.6 Download

  • Fixed:
    • a bug that causes program lags and prevents the menu from being displayed by pressing the hotkey.

2012/01/16 version 1.2.5 Download

  • Fixed:
    • typos in the English language file.
    • a bug since v1.2.4 that prevented the menu from appearing when the program is launched from a command line.

2012/01/12 version 1.2.4 Download

  • Added:
    • the ability to set file extensions to load into menus.
    • the tray notification which appears when the program becomes ready.
    • the donation menu item and the icon in the About window.
  • Changed:
    • to rebuild only the nested menus instead of rebuilding the entire menus when a change is made in the shortcut folder.
    • not to build the tray menu if the program is launched via a command line.
  • Removed:
    • the Exit menu item when the program launched via a command line.

2011/12/30 version 1.2.3 Download

  • Fixed:
    • the issue that some icons are not loaded in XP or the earlier versions of OS.

2011/12/27 version 1.2.2 Download

  • Added:
    • a default sub-folder and a Command Prompt shortcut to be created when the program starts for the first time.
    • the hand cursor that appears in the About window.
    • the architecture information of the program in the About window.
  • Changed:
    • the hotkey setting window to be automatically closed after setting a
  • Fixed:
    • a bug that a sub-folder does not appear when it is loaded as the first item of the menu.
    • a bug that a (sub) menu failed to be created when the character length of the loading shortcut folder path is longer than 260 since v1.2.0.

2011/12/24 version 1.2.1 Download

  • Added:
    • the icon size option: large 32×32, small 16×16. It is found in Settings -> Change to Large/Small Icons.
  • Changed:
    • the tooltip message to display the current hotkey when the mouse hovers over the tray icon.
    • to load the icon of a .url file displayed in Exploer instead of the default browser icon.
    • the read-me file format to .pdf from .txt.
  • Fixed:
    • a bug caused an error when the hotkey setting window is called while building a menu.

2011/12/21 version 1.2.0 Download

  • Added:
    • the icon in the About window.
    • the icons for default menu items.
  • Fixed:
    • the issue that some icons of shortcut menu become blank.
    • a bug that duplicated menu items are created when there are sub-folders of the same name.
    • a bug that the menu item name, Close Tray Icon, does not change to Show Tray Icon after choosing it.

2011/10/01 version 1.1.9 Download

  • Added:
    • the ability to call the menu by double clicking the tray icon.
  • Changed:
    • to display the current version number and the newest version number when the update checker finds a new version.
  • Fixed:
    • a bug that read-only folders is not loaded when building a menu.

2011/09/10 version 1.1.8 Download

  • Added:
    • an option to show the shortcut menu in the tray menu.
  • Changed:
    • to automatically detect changes in the sub-folders and rebuild the menu.
    • to remove the menu item, Rebuild Menu
    • to set time-outs when loading link files or their targets on network drives.
  • Fixed:
    • the memory to be freed after the automatic update check.

2011/08/31 version 1.1.7 Download

  • Fixed:
    • the memory  to be freed after a shortcut file is executed

2011/08/27 version 1.1.6 Download

  • Added:
    • a menu item in settings for the language pack
    • .url link file support.
    • the name of translator is shown in the About window.

2011/08/23 version 1.1.5 Download

  • Added:
    • an option to create the program shortcut in the Windows Startup folder.
    • the initial option window at the first run.
  • Changed:
    • the tray menu’s arrangement.
    • to create a text file at the first run with a name of an instruction.
    • to be capable of loading language files for old versions. In that case, non-translated blank menu items will be replaced with the default English menu items.

2011/08/18 version 1.1.4 Download the old version.

  • Fixed:
    • a bug that caused the program not running.
    • a bug that checks the update without confirmation at the first run.
  • Added:
    • the hotkey definition interface, which enables the user to define a hotkey to call the menu.
  • Changed:
    • the menu item, About to Author’s Web Site.

2011/08/07 version 1.1.3 Download the old version.

  • Fixed:
    • a bug that does not overwrite old settings.
  • Added:
    • the update checking option which enables the program to check latest updates at the program start.
  • Changed:
    • to exit if an instance of the same program is running except the ones called from a command line with parameters.

2011/08/06 version 1.1.2 Download the old version.

  • Fixed:
    • removed a debugging command
  • Added:
    • the option to set enable/disable on Windows Explorer.
    • a sentence for Terms of Agreement.

2011/08/04 version 1.1.1 Download the old version.

  • Changed:
    • the name, Quick Menu to Quick Pop Menu.
    • settings are saved in the folder, settings.
  • Added:
    • multiple language support including a Japanese language file.
    • terms of Agreement at the first launch of the program.

2011/07/26 version 1.1.0  Download the old version.

  • Fixed:
    • the bug causing duplicated separation lines.
  • Added: the Close Tray Icon option.
    • the ability to accept a parameter from a command line.

2011/07/07 version 1.0.0 Released. Download the old version.