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Assign a shortcut folder to a mouse button

It is possible to run QuickPopMenu.exe with a command line by specifying a shortcut folder. This is useful when you need to assign a menu to an extended mouse button.  Let’s say you have a five-button-mouse and you can call a menu with the forth or fifth buttons.

The below tutorial uses Microsoft Intellimouse to demonstrates how to assign a menu to the middle button.

Microsoft Intellimouse

    1. First, create a folder for a custom menu. As an example, “AnotherShotcuts” is placed in the same folder where the program resides. It could be anyplace though.
    1. Place .lnk files in the target folder just created.
    1. In the Intellimouse Control Panel, go to the button setting that invokes QuickPopMenu.exe
    1. At the bottom of the drop down list, there is a menu item called, Start…(custom) and choose it.
    1. In the form field, type QuickPopMenu.exe “path of the shortcut folder”  In this case,  “D:AppsQuick MenuQuickPopMenu.exe” “D:AppsQuick MenuAnotherShortCuts”  The double quotes are necessary.
    1. That’s it. Now you can call the menu from the folder which you specified by pressing the middle button.

2 thoughts on “Advanced Usage

  1. allwi

    Hi Michael,

    I only found this beautiful tool last week – however I struggling already with one issue.
    I need to connect to a few servers via remote desktop. So I thought to create a submenu, i.e. a folder, and store there all RDP files.
    But when I start/restart Quickmenu, it does not recognise these files. Is there any way to get QuickMenu working with *.RDP files?

    1. allwi

      Answering the question myself – You simply have to add the extension RDP to the extension list:
      Right click Tray icon > Settings > Add File Extensions

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