Discount by Answer for Easy Digital Downloads – WordPress Plugin

Discount by Answer for Easy Digital Downloads is an add-on WordPress plugin for Easy Digital Downloads, which allows your customers submit answers for your requests to get discounts.

Customers Answer Your Requests and Get Discounts with Easy Digital Downloads

What is Easy Digital Downloads?

Are you not familiar familiar with Easy Digital Downloads? It is a WordPress plugin that lets you have online stores selling digital goods with WordPress.

Easy Digital Downloads Add-on with Additional Discount Features

Discount by Answer for Easy Digital Downloads adds more extra features to it. And this lets your customer answer your questions and give discount codes.

Know Your Target Audience and the Market while Selling Products

As a Marketing Research Tool

This is useful when you have an unknown number of possible audience who are interested in your products. Most likely, you are not sure how exactly they get to know your services and where they are referred from. This plugin creates a small survey form in the payment area. If the customer fills it, it issues a discount code right there. So you can have a means of researching your target audience and know the market better while selling products.

Attract Contributors to Your Community by Offering Discounts

Incentives to Your Contributors

Say, you are running a project with unknown number of contributors. Then use this plugin to give incentives to them by offering discounts in return for their contributions. Have a page list up their names, and you can configure acceptable conditions with text contents of a web page. Now, you have a system that contributors can receive discounts when their name is listed on your page.


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