Create a Language File

You can create your own language file for Quick Pop Menu by editing the pre-installed language file, English.ini. This is a step-by-step instruction on how to create your own language file.

    1. Open English.ini under settingslang.
    1. You will see something like this.
    1. Edit the part after the “=” sign, that is the program’s menu item. Also change the name for Translator to your name and ProgramVersion to the current version of Quick Pop Menu.
    1. Let’s see if the change is applied. Save the file as test.ini in settingslang folder. Make sure that you choose encoding as UTF-8.
    1. Restart QuickPopMenu.exe and you’ll see the new language menu called test, which is the name of the file you just saved. Let’s choose it and see what will happen.
    1. After choosing a different language, the program automatically restarts. Notice that the only edited menu items have changed.
  1. Like so, you can edit the whole menu.

Submit Language File

If you like, you can submit the language file you created to so that it will be included in the language pack.

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