Change Log

The current version of Longman English Dictionary Browser is: 2.0.5

2016/10/13 version 2.0.5

  • Improved:
    • the handling of not-found words.
  • Fixed:
    • an issue that any word has been no longer searchable.

2015/11/11 version 2.0.4

  • Fixed:
    • an issue that the program did not launch any longer.
    • an issue that Google TTS was blocked.
    • an issue of GUI layout due to custom DPI configurations.

2012/11/30 version 2.0.3

  • Added:
    • the update notification bar which appears when an update is available.
    • Google Text-To-Speech feature which can be performed by pressing Control + Shift + S (the keys are configurable via the task menu)
    • a warning message which appears when the user sets a duplicated hotkey.
    • ReadMe.txt installed along with the executable.
  • Fixed:
    • a bug that update checks did not function as of the version 2.0.2
    • a bug that the Show Task Icon option was not properly set.
    • a bug that when Show Task Icon is selected and the browser window is present, it did not remove the taskbar button.

2012/11/24 version [download id=”36″ format=”5″ autop=”false”]

  • Enabled:
    • double clicks in the program window to start a highlighted word.
    • to show pronunciation pages and play sound when the speaker icon is clicked.
    • to display pop-up windows for pronunciation pages and images.
  • Added:
    • the hotkey label in the tray menu item.
    • the Run at Startup option
  • Fixed:
    • a bug that a changed hotkey setting remained until the program exits.
    • to display linked pages to fit in the program window.

2012/11/14 version [download id=”35″ format=”5″ autop=”false”]

  • Added:
    • a timeout for an overall search which is set to 10 seconds.
  • Fixed:
    • a bug that the program stalled when a search results contain too many matches.
    • a bug that caches were not used.
    • a bug that child processes remained when the main process exits during performing searches.

2012/11/11 version [download id=”34″ format=”5″ autop=”false”]

  • Improved:
    • the resource conservation by freeing the memory periodically.
    • search speed by allowing to run multiple instances of the program.
  • Added:
    • the Portable Mode option which enables to switch the setting location between the executable and Application Data.
    • the Update Check option which checks the program version and notifies the user if there is an newer version.
    • the Set Hotkey feature which enables to set own hotkeys.
  • Removed:
    • the Delete Last Term Cache option since the caches became more stable and it is no longer necessary.
  • Fixed:
    • an issue that images no longer displayed since some days in October 2012.
    • a bug that very rarely Internet Explorer showed a warning message and the cache gets broken.

2011/07/01 version [download id=”32″ format=”5″ autop=”false”]

  • Released