Other Configurations

Notify when the computer starts and the user logs in

  1. Tray menu –> Preferences –> Check “Scan Processes with the Program Start”
  2. Put the program shortcut file in the Windows Startup folder.

Attach Desktop Screenshots

Tray menu –> Email Settings -> Message tab –> Check “Attach Screenshot”

Configure SMTP server

Tray menu –> Email Settings –> SMTP tab –> Check “Use Own Settings”

As an example of a Gmail account, myemail@gmail.com and the password is  mypassword, enter the following.

SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 465
UseSSL: Check
Sender’s Email Address: myemail@gmail.com
Sender’s Email Password: mypassword


Set an interval

By default, it sets to 1 hour. You can change it via tray menu  -> Scan Interval –> Set Custom Interval. Enter a number in minutes.


Execute a file after a process scan

Let’s say, notepad.exe was not found and you would like to launch notepad.exe. In that case:

  1. Tray menu –>  Processes to Monitor
  2. Process name to check: notepad.exe
  3. Notify when the process: Not Found
  4. Path to execute with notification: C:Windowsnotepad.exe  (*when the system drive is C and the OS is Windows 7)
  5. Add –> Save
  6. image_thumb17_thumb.png

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