Fetch Tweets – Contextual Widget Extension

Show Contextual Tweets Related to Your Site Content

This Fetch Tweets extension plugin allows you to display tweets related to the displaying page content. It automatically detects what kind of information the current post conveys and retrieve relevant tweets from the Twitter server and display them.

If somebody tweets about your post, it will be automatically displayed. If somebody tweets about something similar to your site contents, it will be displayed. You can choose additional criteria to search tweets such as breadcrumbs, taxonomy terms associated with the post, or your custom keywords. So you can eliminate unnecessary tweets too.

Set up the widget on the sidebar and enrich your site with overflowing interests gathered from all over the world filtered by your site’s content.



One Site
For a single site.
One Site
Five Sites
Up to five sites.
Five Sites
For unlimited number of sites.


1.0.0 – 2016/11/22

  • Initial release