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Does your theme’s comment section mix with comments, trackbacks and pingbacks? If you want to create a separate section for tackbacks and pingbacks, this will be useful for you.

This plugin adds a widget which displays trackbacks and pingbacks of the currently displayed page. It will be invisible if there is no trackback or pingback for the page.


  • Order – sets whether new ones come first or old ones ome first.
  • Date – sets whether item date will be inserted or not.


This is not for displaying trackbacks and pingbacks from all pages and posts.


Adding the widget
Adding the widget
In the sidebar
In the sidebar


WordPress 3.0 or higher. PHP 5.

How to Use

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets. You’ll see a new widget named Trackback and Pingback Widget.,
  2. Add widgtes to it.,

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Trackback And Pingback Widget
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If you find a bug in the program, please report it from the bug report page. For a feature request or a question on how to operate the program, please comment below.

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